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Leary about those ads offering "free mold inspections" from contractors playing both sides of the fence??    You should be!

Leary about those ads offering "free mold inspections" from contractors playing both sides of the fence??    You should be!
Before calling a mold inspector take a moment to read this and avoid being the next victim of the mold common mold scams and fraudulent business practices being perpetrated right now in your community. Click here for details.


Can Mold In Your Vehicle
Cause Fungal Infections?

Yes. Have you ever turned your vehicle's air conditioner or heater and smelled mold? Or jumped in your boat or motor home after its been closed up for a while and noticed a repugnant odor? Our cars, trucks, SUVs, RV's, motor homes, boats, and airplanes can all be a source for exposure to high levels of airborne mold spores.

If you live or work in a moldy building, mold spores that cling to your clothing often end up in your car's air conditioner or heater. Water-damaged vehicles and even vehicles that have been cleaned but the upholstery or carpets have not been dried properly can all be infested with mold.

Welcome to Advanced Mold Inspection & Environmental Testing of Los Angeles

AMI Environmental Testing is the leading provider of mold inspections and mold testing services in Los Angeles California. In addition to mold testing, we also test for a number of other indoor contaminants including asbestos, bacteria, lead, asthma triggers, volatile organic compounds and more. Our service areas include all of Los Angeles County California, as well as San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties.

Why Choose AMI?
Knowledge is the key to effectively addressing indoor mold issues and no one is more knowledgeable than an AMI Certified Mold Inspector.

AMI Inspectors hold multiple accredited certifications that require stringent continued education credits to re-certify their credentials on an annual basis. When you hire a council-certified mold inspector from AMI you're getting the best in the business. Detailed information on Mold Inspector credentials is available on our About AMI page, but there is another very important reason why AMI is your best choice for a mold inspection in Los Angeles.

Reliable Information You Can Depend on From People You Can Trust
The presence of mold in homes, schools and business is of growing concern throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If you have a mold problem, you have some important decisions to make. Dealing with toxic black mold and other indoor contaminants can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The key to making the best decisions is an accurate and reliable assessment of your mold problem:

  • Is it a small mold problem that you can correct yourself?
  • Or it is a bigger job that will require professional remediation?
  • What corrective measures are necessary and - just as importantly - what measures are not necessary?
  • And of course, what are the potential health risk implications?

To answer these questions the best thing to do is to seek professional advice. But who do you call? A mold inspector or a mold removal contractor?

Mold Inspectors vs Mold Removal Contractors
It is always more convenient to pick up the phone and call one company that can handle your mold problem from start to finish. But sometimes that convenience can end up costing you far more than it should. Why? Because most consumers don't understand enough about mold to know when or even if mold remediation is really necessary.

Mold remediation (mold removal) is very profitable work and can sometimes run into thousands of dollars. It is also a highly competitive business and in this difficult economy, more and more contractors are competing for fewer and fewer jobs. Many of the more aggressive mold remediation contractors are now using mold inspections as part of their marketing strategy. But if you have a mold problem, hiring a mold inspector who is on a mission to find mold removal jobs for himself may not be in your best interest. That is not to say that all mold remediation contractors who perform mold inspections will put their best interest before yours, but why risk it if you don't have to?

There is only one way to be absolutely certain you will get an accurate and reliable assessment of your mold concern. If you suspect you might have a mold problem, the only way to ensure your best interest is always first and foremost is to consult with an independent mold inspector who is not in the mold removal business.

AMI is not in the mold removal business. We believe that mold inspectors should never profit from problems they discover in the course of a mold inspection. And since we have no vested interest in the outcome of any mold inspection we perform, you can always count on AMI for a reliable, unbiased mold assessment of your property.

For more specific information regarding your personal mold inspection questions and concerns, call the leading mold inspection company in Los Angeles to speak with a Certified Mold Inspector now at 1-800-369-8532

You'll be glad you did!

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